As demands for AI applications grow, we’ve seen a lot of effort put by companies to build their Machine Learning Engineering (MLE) tools tailored for their needs. There are just so many challenges faced by industries in regards to having a well-designed environment for their Machine Learning (ML) lifecycle: building, deploying, and managing ML models in production. This post will cover two papers, explaining MLE practices from two of the leading tech companies: Google and Microsoft.

Adding a little bit of context, this article is part of a graduate-level course at Columbia University: COMS6998 Practical Deep Learning System Performance taught by Prof. …

My opinions on why we should dive into Math for Machine Learning

Some Intro

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying safe and sane during this pandemic (amongst other unprecedented situations happening all over the world right now). This is going to be my very first post on Medium, so I’ll keep it light (i.e. no real in-depth technical discussion or Math problems) and short.

A little bit about me: I’m a 2nd year MS in CS student at Columbia University, focusing on Applied ML/NLP. I am originally from Jakarta, Indonesia and I was previously an ML Engineer at Bukalapak Indonesia, working mostly on NLP projects to enhance its Search and Question Answering systems.


Here is a funny (in my opinion) meme to start…

Going over some problem sets that cover basic Probability and Statistics (ProbStat) for Machine Learning

Hi everyone, welcome to my second post! This is going to be the continuation from my first post. We’re going to be technical here, or should I say somewhat “Mathy”. Thus, for you who have been away for some time from hands-on Math, I suggest you review the material around Probability, Statistics, and Calculus. You could do that along the way of reading this story so that you could follow my explanation comfortably.

This story is inspired by the course that I took at Columbia. …


Geraldi Dzakwan

TDS Official Author | MS in CS at Columbia University | Former ML Engineer at Bukalapak |

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